Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bless Mark, he's really trying hard to get the item I originally asked for as a Christmas gift. The doggone company that he ordered it from originally, after I sent him the link online, notified him on December 20 that they had cancelled his order because the item was out of stock.

It's actually been discontinued by the manufacturer, which I knew, but I was aware that this was a recent development and some places might have some remaining stock. Apparently, the place we ordered it from isn't one of them.

There's a report online that some Radio Shacks might possibly have remaining stock, if you show up in person at the stores. (It's been removed from their online site.) Mark has gone out to check a couple nearby Radio Shacks to see if we can strike gold that way.

If not, I gave him a couple of book ideas as a backup plan, and he reported that he was able to find one of those in Center City. So that's good. If Radio Shack has the other item, too, that will utterly rock. :o) If not, I'll be disappointed, but I'll keep looking online for somethng comparable to the discontinued gadget. Something's bound to appear eventually.

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