Monday, December 31, 2007

Mark went to buy ink for our printer. He said he was going to try BJ's, since he was picking up some other items there.

He came home with an immense box, prompting me to wonder, "Just how much ink did he BUY?" I mean, BJ's sells in bulk quantities, but my gosh that'd be a lot of ink in a box that size.

Well, it's not just ink. There is a new printer in there, too. Seems that the ink cartridges for our old printer are being phased out. This one will have what printers should have had all along, IMO: separate cartridges for each color. No more wasting ink in two other colors because only the magenta, cyan, or yellow ink is exhausted.

That was how it worked in the late 80s with the first ink-jet printer I ever had. That's how it should have worked all along, IMO.

So we'll start the new year by being able to print again. Good. :o)

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