Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I got a bit of sad news on Christmas Eve night. The large, friendly tabby Saturn, who I referred to as my Cat-in-law because he belonged to my sister-in-law's family, has taken up residence in Kitty Heaven. :o( He wandered into my in-laws' lives as an adult cat, and so we couldn't pinpoint his age. However, he was already a few years old when I met Mark in 1995, so I'm thinking he was approximately 16-18 years of age by now. I loved that big old loud-motored stripey guy, so I was very sorry to hear the news.

My in-laws' home must have a sign on it, written in Feline, that says "Come get spoiled here". Because their OTHER cat, a large white-with-black-spots young adult cat named Snickers, came to them a couple years or so ago in the same way Saturn did: he just showed up and stayed. :o) He's another big, friendly, loud-motored sort. I hope we get to spoil him rotten for nine long lives, like we did for his adopted brother.

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