Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Oh, here we go. One oif my un-favorite weather hazards us out in force this morning. Every inch of the ground looks wet.That's not surprising, as we still have most of last week's dose of snow and ice.

But the vast majority of that "wet" street and pavement is actually glazed with ice.

Cars are no better. I thought my windows were covered with droplets of condensation, which often happens. But when I switched on the windshield wipers, the blades rasped across the "droplets" to no avail. Aah, phooey. I had to apply the ice scraper to the collection of looks-like-water.

By the time I exit the subway (where there's no cellular signal) and post this, the sun should be up and melting the black ice. But be careful out there anyway.

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