Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hey, the post I emailed on Sunday morning finally appeared! The one I sent on Friday, however, appears to have gone to the ozone. Here's what I had to say in the missing post:

On Thursday, I got a call from Sr. K., who coordinates the interpreted Masses for the Archdiocese. She asked if I was willing to cover the Masses on the fourth Sunday of the month for a while, at the church where I already work on the second Sundays. The interpreter who normally takes care of the fourth Sundays has requested a brief break, tentatively until the end of the summer.

I agreed to fill in on the fourth Sundays. I don't mind. I like interpreting Masses. Plus, this temp assignment in Fort Washington is likely to continue only through the end of March. This could be God's way of sending a little extra work my way, to help pick up the slack if I don't get another lengthy temp assignment right away.

Which reminds me. I need to update my resume to reflect my current assignment. I'd rather have that taken care of before this assignment's over, so I can start presenting an up-to-date resume immediately.

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