Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I'm going to re-route my commute home. I just saw this on KYW's website:
SEPTA police and Philadelphia police were investigating an accident Wednesday afternoon at the Olney station of the Broad Street subway.

A Philadelphia police spokesperson says a 25-year-old man tried to jump onto a moving train but fell underneath. He was pronounced dead at the scene, at 2:40pm.

Septa officials say they were using shuttle buses to provide service between Erie and Fern Rock stations. Septa spokesman Gary Fairfax says the shuttle buses would be marked "Broad Street" or "Shuttle."

The shuttle buses were stopping at every stop along the Broad Street line.

That's sad. It would have been bad enough if the poor person had intended to take his life. But it seems, according to this report, that it was an accident. Poor guy and his poor family. :o(

I'm not getting off the train at Fern Rock tonight. If I stay on for a few more stations, and get off at a station in Center City, I can connect with the Subway at a point where the service is running normally. It'll be slower than my usual commute, but it's sure to be faster than dealing with shuttle buses. Been there, done that (though never for a terrible reason like this).

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