Wednesday, August 30, 2006

FWIW... I've finally tried Coca Cola Blak. The verdict: I like it.

I hope that it becomes so popular, that it convinces Pepsi to put Pepsi Kona back on the market, because I liked *that* even better. Too bad Pepsi marketed their coffee/cola beverage years before Starbucks took over the planet. IMO, Pepsi Kona was ahead of its time. If they'd test-marketed it AFTER coffee became a national obsession, I think it'd have been more popular.

I'm still processing the fact that I've *finally* gotten a response to one of the ton of resumes I've sent out in recent weeks. It figures that the one I heard back from is a temp agency. Regular companies looking for an administrative assistant take one look at the 12 years of IT experience on my resume, say "Overqualified", and move on to the next resume. Regular companies looking for an IT person see that I haven't worked in IT since 2002, say "No recent IT experience", and move on to the next resume. TEMP agencies look at my experience, see someone who can hit the ground running, and call.

Not that they necessarily have an *assignment* available, mind you. But they do call. I hope this company does better for me than the two I (re-)enrolled with last year. I got diddly-squat from either of them in the months between the end of my temp job at the insurance company, and my starting work at the hospital.

To be fair, THIS agency says they have multiple openings to fill ASAP. I'll believe it when I see it, but at least they're *saying* there are assignments available.

We'll see.

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