Friday, September 01, 2006

Boy, it's either a drought or a monsoon around here. While I was out at the temp agency yesterday, taking their tests and discussing a possible temp-to-staff position, I got one email regarding a part-time job I'd applied to on Craigslist. I also got a call from a company that'd found my resume on one of the local job placement sites.

The part-time place asked me to email them back if I am interested in an interview, and I replied saying that I am interested.

Then I called back the company that'd left the phone message, and found out that they are a temp placement agency. Not a problem.

However... they work EXCLUSIVELY with the very hospital system that includes the rheumatology clinic where I worked. To myself, I thought, "Oh, my freaking God, this is all I freaking need." But for kicks, I made the appointment to take their skills testing and whatnot. I can always politely decline the assignment if they try to send me anywhere near that rheumatology clinic again. Did I mention that the clinic has yet to fill the job opening that was created by my departure? And, of course, this is presuming that I'll even get ACCEPTED by the temp service, given the spitework that led to my being driven out in the first place.

Who knows? It certainly won't add up to any LESS work than I have now, since there's nothing less than zero. So I'll go. And I'll also arrange an interview with this part-time place. If nothing else, working with them will mean that maybe my unemployment benefits will last longer. I'll be able to file and get a reduced amount of benefits per week, when I report whatever it is that I'd be earning if I got a part-time job. The way unemployment works, if you don't work at all, your benefits will last for six months before you max out. If you do work, and you get a reduced rate of benefits, then you will take longer to max out on your unemployment earnings. Also, you have to have worked and earned at least six weeks' worth of whatever your weekly unemployment benefit rate was, before you can file again. Working part-time would help me earn that amount.

Going back to the appointment I had yesterday: they want to submit my resume to a temp-to-staff position that's right across the street from the building where the temp agency is located, in the suburbs. If the price is right, I'd consider that. For now. It all depends on what they're paying, how close SEPTA will get me to the building (pretty close, I think), and what kind of gas expenditures we'd be looking at if I drove.

So in other words, everything's still up in the air. What else is new? But at least there are three companies that I'm talking to... hmm. I guess there IS something new, after all. :o)

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