Wednesday, September 06, 2006

87 words per minute! Holy cow! That's the score I just got on my typing test this morning. Whew... that absolutely shatters my previous top score of 75 words per minute.

I mentioned a few days ago that I'd heard from a temp agency whose sole client is the health system I just left in May. They were the ones who gave me the typing test, as well as other skills tests, this morning. I also heard back from the place whose part-time job I had applied for on Craigslist. I managed to set both appointments up for today. The one with the temp agency went well (did I mention the 87 words per minute?), and I got a good vibe from the part-time place, too.

Maybe I'll be able to do them both... the part-time job 3 days per week, and the temp agency on other days.

In any event, I'm back in Wait Mode for all three of the places that contacted me last week: the temp place in the 'burbs, the medical system temp place, and the part-time place. So tomorrow, I'm rewarding myself and going to the Flyers rookie camp. :o) I?ve earned it.

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