Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Hockey - Goalie Dances

Hockey goalie Hartie from EHC Munich (Germany) dances after game was won 5:2

LOL! Too funny! I saw the "post to my blog" feature on google videos, so I thought I'd give it a try with one of my favorite clips. I hope you like it as much as I did.

In other news: in the past three weeks, I've registered with three different temp agencies, plus had one interview for a part-time job. Today, I had another interview, this time for a temp job that should last until the end of the year. Because it's a job where the temp will be filling in for someone who's going out on maternity leave, they want the temp to come in and be trained by the person before she goes on leave. Also, due to the detail-intensive nature of the job, they're taking the unusual step (for them and for me) of interviewing prospective temps. They have one other person to interview, and they'll come to a decision next week.

The interview went well, as far as I could tell. It lasted nearly an hour, which according to the rep at the temp agency was a good amount of time.

There's just one drawback. The job is out in Fort Washington. I drove it today, and while I COULD do it on a regular basis if I had to, SEPTA serves this office complex and I'm going to take advantage of it if the job comes through. I can just imagine trying to drive on a few of those stretches of road in bad weather. No thanks. SEPTA here I come.

Not much else is up, at least, not yet. So I'm going to try and take advantage of what MIGHT be my last few free mornings, and hit the Flyers/Phantoms training camp sessions. That'll help me get back used to getting up early, and on a regular schedule, instead of the haphazard excuse of a sleep pattern that I have now. And I'll also be able to buy gas in NJ, where it's a lot less expensive than it is in PA. (Try $2.03 on the White Horse Pike vs. $2.63 not far from where I live. THAT'S a heck of a price differential!)

Cross your fingers that this job, or a job like it but closer to home, comes through.

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