Tuesday, September 05, 2006

This morning, Mark called me to the front door to take a look at our new, eight-legged neighbor. A spider, about 1/2 to 3/4 inches in length, had built a big web under the awning that's above our front door.

It was such a classic specimen, I absolutely HAD to try and take a few photos of it. To make the web stand out more, I took a personal water mister that I have, and sprayed a fine mist of water all over the web. (And the spider, who was less than enthused about the instant dose of human-made dew.) Here are a couple of examples of the photo that came out best. Blogger is going to automatically show the first image at a reduced size, to save space. But you can get a look at the full-sized image here. Once you click on the link, and bring up the image in a new window, click on the image itself and an even larger version of the image should appear. That might be the only way to see anything of the actual spider's web, since it's almost invisible in the reduced-size photograph.

Or, to save time... here's a cropped version of the image, showing just the spider. This one should appear at or close to full size on blogger.

Mark was actually able to get out the door and head to work without disturbing the web. However, if the wind and rain that are due to arrive any minute now don't send Charlotte and her web packing, I suspect it'll become an ex-web once the mailman arrives. Which is all the more reason why I'm glad I photographed it when I had the chance.

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