Sunday, August 06, 2006

Well, how do you like that? I just spent quite a while, until about ten minutes ago, trying to troubleshoot a problem that cropped up on The Other Donna's myspace profile. Somehow, it got hacked and was showing the wrong photo in the profile (some complete stranger), and all her profile information was blanked out.

The same wrong photo was listed in The Other Donna's pictures page, instead of the things she originally had there.

Donna was able to get rid of the unwanted content on her pictures page. Unfortunately, neither she nor I has been able to track down how to get rid of that unwanted profile photo... yet.

I'm flying a little bit blind here, because although I do have a myspace page, I rarely actually log in. For the most part, I joined because the Phantoms Phan Club has a page and we have someone who's doing her best to keep it current. I figured that since I'm on the board of the club, I ought to be on myspace, add the Phan Club as one of my friends, and keep up to date with what's posted on the PPPC myspace page. So that's basically what I did.. What I *haven't* done is navigate much on myspace, so trying to determine how to fix a screwed-up profile was completely new territory for me.

What I want to know is, how in blazes did someone tamper with her profile to begin with? So I've been using google to see if I can find any reports of problems with hacked profiles, or solutions for repairing them. The drawback to this quest is that perfectly legitimate alterations to the profile are described as "hacking", and so are underhanded attempts to vandalize myspace content. This is resulting in a lot of unusable (for me) information showing up in the google searches.

So far, I haven't found anything in my searching that fits the description of the kinds of tampering that were done on Donna's page. But I'm going to keep lookiing. If it's a widespread problem, it's bound to become public soon, if the information hasn't already been spread.

BTW, speaking of irksome things happening on the internet... I'm kind of aggravated to see that this email program I'm using to post to this blog is inserting line feeds in odd places. Sorry about that: as long as the problem with AOL's handling of outgoing Windows Mobile mail continues, this is the only program I've been able to use to send email from the PDA. I can't edit blog content from my PDA, I can only post it from here. But when I get online with a regular computer, I'll try and edit out any unwanted line feeds so the format of my posts will look right.

Whew, is it late! On the other hand, although I'd LIKE to say that it's unusual for me to be awake in the wee hours of the morning, unfortunately, that's not the case. Lately, I'm awake at this hour more often than not... and then once I finally do fall asleep, I have a bear of a time waking up in the morning. Well, the Princess of Insomnia will now attempt to get something that resembles sleep. Wish me luck.

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