Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Say, remember the live streaming webcam I found for NYC's Times Square?

Well, I found a site that has TWO streaming webcams from Philadelphia International Airport. Have a look at the links on this page:

Philadelphia International Airport

Actually, if you review the links at the top of the page, you'll find lists of other webcams, too. There are all sorts of things in different countries, including weather cams, cameras at famous landmarks, pet cameras (gerbils seem to be a popular topic), and others.

I'll have to wait until the Christmas season to see one that I'm very interested in. Flyers defenseman Joni Pitkanen is from Finland, and he described in an interview that he grew up very close to Santa's Workshop, which is in Finland near the North Pole. Apparently, it's quite a big tourist draw, too. I'm all kinds of interested in seeing Santa and his elves in action at their world-famous workshop, but unfortunately the camera's not available year-round. But that's one link I'll gladly be visiting once the Christmas season rolls around. :o)

I just hope that nobody who's looking in on the Philly-based webcams see a TORNADO today. We have a tornado watch in effect until 8 PM tonight. That's less severe than a warning, which would be called if someone had actually SIGHTED a tornado. But even though odds are not in favor of having a tornado go through here, it doesn't bode well for the overall weather forecast today and I'm not looking forward to it.

And even as I type, the weather radio is sounding with the warning of a severe thunderstorm warning in Chester County. That means it'll be on its way to Philly; I expect the warning to be sounded for Philadelphia county within the hour.

What's really nasty is that we've had a lot of heavy rain during the past few days. Not only is our ground pretty well saturated, but we're expecting whatever remains of Tropical Storm Ernesto to be sending ITS rain to us over the weekend. I'll be keeping an eye out for pairs of animals lining up to board an ark in the near future.

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