Sunday, May 29, 2016

That moment when...

That moment when your hubby spots the FB posts about all your erstwhile friends' field trip. 

I feel so missed. Not. Loyalty is a figment.  What delusion ever made me expect it? No matter. I won't ever go through this sort of disappointment again. You can't be disappointed when you expect nothing.


Donna Hicks said...

Sometimes in life you add by subtracting. If I didn't live so far away, we'd hang out. Definitely his loss, and not yours.

Donna said...

I wish we were geographically closer, too, because I would love to have a "knitting circle" or a "crocheting circle" going. Nobody I know in this area can do either. My aunts did, but they've passed on. (Aunt Rita taught me to crochet, and Aunt Joanne taught me to knit.)

Ironically, the "add by subtracting" is pretty much what he posted to Facebook, naming no names, when he said he wanted "space and silence" from me. The post was something to the effect of "Some people withdraw more than they deposit in your life; know when to close the account".

Of course, since the people reading it had no clue what he was referring to, people who are mutually known to him and me clicked "like" on it. I chose not to educate them, not via public post and not via private message.

People can think what they want. I'm kinda done with a large portion of the human race. I volunteer for multiple things now, I see the folks who show an interest in seeing me, and trust me, I stay occupied.

I'm disappointed in the near total lack of outreach from some quarters, but I've long since dealt with those feelings and moved forward. No hard feelings on my part. I haven't got the time or energy for that.