Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Drawbridge

Still sitting shiva for my old worldview, here. Time passes and sadness diminishes while resignation develops. At some point, the drawbridge that leads into my inner sanctum sanctorum is going to be shut; even now, it slowly rises as the wheels turn. Once it's closed, I'm not entirely sure what would inspire me to reopen it to admit new, unproven people. If four decades' worth of friendship wasn't enough to stop me from being thrown in the trash, what's to make me believe that some new person who arrives in my life would be reliable over the long haul? Or even the short haul? My feelings might matter to a very, very select few (and I've learned that it's fewer than I thought), but *I* happen to be one of those few who cares if I'm hurt. I don't need to be covered in footprints from other people's cleats, TYVM.

In other, more upbeat news...

I am seeing on the PAWS mailing list that there are two new kittens at the PetSmart site. If they're still there on Sunday, I look forward to meeting the widdle guys. Space was created because one of the kitties who was sneezy was sent back to the Grays Ferry clinic where there's a vet. When a kitty is adopted or goes back to the clinic, there is no shortage of available felines to take its place at PetSmart.

Mark and I have to go buy a microwave oven tonight, as our 18-year-old one bit the dust this morning. If we go to a store near the PetSmart, maybe we can swing by and have a look at the kittens then. If not, I'll see them on Sunday.

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