Friday, May 27, 2016

Windows 10

I found out earlier this week that Microsift had embedded a stealth agreement to upgrade to Windows 10, in their pop up "nag" window. If you close the window via the red X, it schedules your machine to upgrade. So I figured it was time to update my parents' 8.1 machine, while we still have some measure of control over when and how it's done. 

I eventually ended up taking their laptop home with me, as the download was taking eons. Boy, I sure got spoiled by the speed of FiOS, lol. 

While I waited, Karla called my phone to ask if Mark and I were coming on Sunday. I agreed to go, as I really am only hurt by one person who will be there. Why should I deprive myself of everyone else's company?

I do wish I'd hear back from people now and then. But I'm done worrying about it. If someone calls or returns my call, hooray. If not, I absolve myself from the need to fret over it. Mattering is overrated. Acknowledgement is a bonus. IF it even happens. If it doesn't, I had no business expecting or presuming it'd  happen anyway. I've learned. Like the book of Ecclesiastes says,"vanity, vanity! All is vanity! ... It's all chasing the wind."

This is the lesson I should've learned two years ago, the last time I went through this. I came out of that experience still with faith in people. No more. I learned.Expect nothing of others and you'll never be disappointed.

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