Thursday, May 05, 2016


Every once in a while, I have a minor mishap that causes my left knee issues to flare up. I had one of those this morning; I think I hyperextended the knee a bit. Ouch. Phooey. It's a few hours later now, and the knee is starting to curse and swear. Pain relief ointment, here I come. Fortunately, I bring my cane with me when I commute now, largely because I have discovered I can no longer safely stand on a moving bus without something to lean on. That goes double for the fact that any of the buses I take will, at some point, make a turn. Standing unsupported on a TURNING moving bus is just asking for an accident to happen. Hence, the cane.

Having said all that... I scanned some medical records for someone whose lists of allergies and current prescriptions was three typed pages long. I think I'll stop complaining about the knee pain now, lol. My list of medical gripes pales in comparison to that! 

In other news, I had a volunteer orientation for PAWS on Wednesday night. I will begin volunteering at the PetSmart near my home, where PAWS has got adoptable cats. Need I say that I want them all? They're just too darn cute. Most of them are VERY amenable to getting doted on. One seems a little shy and doesn't want a lot of interaction. I'm now on a Yahoo mailing list where volunteers summarize their shifts, and they have remarked the same about that kitty. Here's hoping he warms up to attention once he's settled in a bit more, so potential adopters can dote on him and fall in love, as he deserves. 

Photos of Adorable Adoptable Kitties will be appearing in this blog. Watch this space. :D

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