Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Fabulous news this afternoon!

I see it's been rather quiet in Blogland since late Spring, so let's play catch-up. Early in June, I got word that the permanent version of the temp job I've been doing since December was posted. I applied right away.

Fast-forward to this afternoon, when I got the phone call from the Talent Acquisition department. I was officially offered the position. :) Paperwork will be arriving at my home, and the start date as a permanent employee is August 29.

Thank God! Now I needn't sit around wondering when things are finally going to advance that next step.

It starts with two weeks' vacation. Paid time off. Something I haven't had in a decade. 'Bout freakin' time.

I'm also putting in at least one hour of overtime per day, since I have an absolute BOATLOAD of work that needs to be done. I'm working my rump off, but they keep bringing more paperwork. I'm actually going to ask my manager about the status of getting the ladies who work in the call center to assist with scanning. That was a project that was in the works, but I haven't heard anything about it since Spring. I'm trying to clear the backlog of THREE (related) departments, and management wants to fill the call center ladies' downtime with activities like scanning. Let's just say that now would be a really good time for that process to get rolling. I want this backlog GONE, and I only have ONE scanner that can only go so fast.

Having said that, scanning could turn really interesting Real Soon Now. At the end of August, the hospital is about to transition to TOTALLY new scanning software, which I have never used nor even seen before. "Congratulations, you're permanent; the day after your start date, we're totally changing every aspect of the scanning process  you've been using for the past 8 months", lol. I looked through the PDF file with the instructions for the new system, and I already spotted some things to ask my manager about. The new system will be looking for some data items that I do not need to input right now, and so I want to know how to fill those fields properly when the time comes.

Well, one aspect of working OT is that I have to get in extra early... which means I have to get to sleep extra early. So good night!

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