Monday, February 07, 2011

He's baaaaack

After a weekend without a call from the Pakistani phone number, I stopped turning off my ringer overnight. I thought that when this morning passed and still no call came in, maybe "Filippe" had gotten the message and was taking his attentions elsewhere.

But then he called again ten minutes ago. At least he didn't call at the crack of dawn this time. But the fact that he called at all tells me he hasn't given up hope that I will answer the phone for my as-yet-unknown, self-described "friend". I am resolved to hit "Ignore" and send him to voice mail every time I see his number, until he gets the hint and states his case in a message, or gives up calling. He has yet to avail himself of my voice mail, and my "friend" is apparently unaware of the fact that he is not going to outlast my resolve. My *real* friends could line up to testify to the fact that he shouldn't hold his breath waiting for me to budge, once I'm flat-out determined to do something. That facet of my personality has been described alternately as persistence or stubbornness, depending on whether the describer agrees or disagrees with my course of action. Label it as you see fit here, but I am not wasting my phone plan minutes on these bogus calls.

Since he's still calling, I'll resume turning off the ringer overnight. As before, if a call to my cell phone goes unanswered, try the land line. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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