Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Still lovin' that Internet :-)

So of course, having looked up the *first* episode where the Great Gazoo appeared on the Flintstones, I've also found, and am in the process of watching, the other nine.

Hey, understand, when I saw these episodes (in reruns on the old Channel 48), I was probably young enough to fall into the "unlike most adults, young children and animals can see Gazoo" category. Older fans of the Flintstones might have had issues with his arrival in the show's final season, but I was in kindergarten and I absolutely loved that character. Little bitty guy, flies, does magic, is my favorite color, kids can see him -- what's not to love? :-) Only later did I come to appreciate the fact that he's a misfit both on his own planet and on Earth... which generates the same sort of empathy in me that the Misfit Toys in Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer always have. (Yes, DO take note of the verb tenses in the previous sentence. They're not an accident.)

So I found a Japanese website that's got Flintstones episodes on it, I found a list of Gazoo's episodes on IMDB.com, and in my scattered instances of downtime, I'm watching them one by one.

IMDB rocks, by the way. I had no idea that Harvey Korman was Gazoo's voice, nor that Mel Blanc was the voice of Dino. Ah, the things we miss when we start watching a show when we're too young to pay any attention to the credits.

Anyway, off I go. The first of this week's two doctor's appointments awaits.

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