Thursday, September 02, 2010

MRIs and Karma

I had a visit from Karma this afternoon. It was my own fault. See, last night, I saw a link on YouTube that showed a guy who danced his way into traffic and got hit by an ice cream truck.

Naughty me. I laughed. See Gabey. See Gabey go to Purgatory. But it looked like something straight out of a slapstick movie. I couldn't help it.

Fast-forward to this afternoon. I had an MRI done of my abdomen today. That should have taken 30 minutes, but in this case it took extra time. The fibroid is the size of Rhode freaking Island, and it took extra time to image it all.

As you'll know if you've had an MRI, it's important to remain completely still during the imaging process. Thou Shalt Not Move while the machine is running. As you'll also know if you've had the procedure done, your mild will wander during the enforced downtime.

Well, didn't my mind wander right back to the video clip I saw last night? I nearly freaking hurt myself while trying to suppress the ensuing giggle fit so my abdomen wouldn't move. See, that's what I get. Serves me right for laughing at the guy.

So the moral of the story is, people getting hit by ice cream trucks are not funny. No matter how funny they are, they're not funny, and if you laugh at them you'll have your dose of Karma before long. Learn from my experience. ;-)

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