Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Overwhelming response

There was an "overwhelming response", according to the doggy day care center, for the job that I applied for. So much so that they can't respond individually to applicants.

It's a reflection of the economy that the main function of said job is cleaning up canine intestinal output. The other half of the title is "assistant dog handler", so which I interpret as helping to enrich the pets' stay at said day care via play and interaction, but STILL. An overwhelming response of people applying to pick up dog doo... it boggles the mind

I'm hoping they decide that my pet experience and proximity to said job (same ZIP code, even), plus what my references have to say, will put me on the fast track. Heck, let me interact with the dogs; that ought to seal the deal.

What the hey. I pick up dog output daily, for free. I might as well do it and get paid for my time. I wonder if they'd let me bring Mini in to help interact with the critters? That'd be fun for her AND them.

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