Saturday, September 11, 2010

Another found cell phone

A few years ago, Mark and I both found cell phones on the ground, within a few days of each other. In that instance, the phone Mark found was easily returned to its owner, who lived not far from here. I turned the phone I found in to the security guard, at the hotel which was mere feet away from where I found it.

Well, after a few years' hiatus, we're at it again. I found a cell phone this morning while I was walking the dog. The phone I found today might be a tad more challenging to return to its owner. Its battery was nearly dead when I found it, and I haven't got a Motorola charger. I did manage to get calls out to a couple of people on the contacts list, from my own phone, before the battery died completely. However, I either got voice mail, or in one case a person who had no idea could have lost the phone from the description I gave them.

I couldn't use the phone to actually dial my own number, because I got "restricted service" errors. My guess is that it's a non-local person, a contractor from the look of the phone (white paint on it), who is in Philly for a work-related or personal reason.

I sure am glad I used my phone to call those individuals on the contacts list, however. Now that the found phone won't even stay on for more than a few moments, due to its weak battery, the only access to its contacts list that I have is the record of outgoing calls on my cell phone.

The only thing I can do is hope that someone has a clue whose phone this is. There's not a Boost Mobile facility anywhere near my neighborhood, so I can't easily hop on over to there and say, "This phone belongs to one of your customers. Please track down its owner and send it back to him/her."

Stay tuned.

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