Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Alphabet Soup

The MD who, I hope, will confirm my candidacy for a UFE procedure needed the CD with my MRI images. I brought my copy of the CD to his office, only to find that they'd called the MRI place and had their own copy of the CD sent to them.

Is that enough sets of initials for you? E-I-E-I-O.

There's a sporting goods store across the street from the doc's office, so I went to kill some time in there. Which is how I discovered that HOORAY, quad skates are back in vogue! I liked a pair that had a white shoe, white wheels, and a white "stopper" on the front. Until, that is, I noticed that the skates with exactly the same shoe, but pink wheels and stopper cost $20 less. So my new pink-wheeled skates and I will be finding ways to reach that 30-minute daily exercise, to allow for some variety between walking the treadmill and walking the dog.

And those minutes of exercise, plus the calorie limit, are working. Since July 1, I have now lost 16 lbs. I have more work to do, certainly, but I'm glad to have made measurable progress.

We'll see what impact it's had on my bloodwork numbers, as my fasting bloodwork was this morning. Thank goodness THAT'S over with. That test, with its accompanying urinalysis sample, is a pain. File it under "necessary evil".

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