Sunday, February 28, 2010

WOW but I'm feeling the after-effects of helping my friend move yesterday. My fatigue level is nearly as bad as the pre-iron-pill days. This is how I know my numbers are probably worse now than the last time I had a blood count done... I certainly feel worse now than I did a couple weeks ago. I wish I hadn't needed to go off the freaking iron pills for five days in advance of that procedure. (And I wish even more that Mother Nature hadn't timed an iron-depleting natural function to take place during that five-day span.)

But all in all, THANK GOD we managed to accomplish the move without anyone getting injured and with only one damaged item (the glass in one large picture frame). The weather held out so we didn't have to drive through ice and snow, and our middle-aged bodies held out so nobody ended up in the ER at any point.

Though I seriously considered an ER visit for myself during Mass today, when my brain went completely blank at one point while I was interpreting. Ugh. It was during one particularly long prayer sequence where I was signing for a couple of minutes without any break, and I reached a point where my brain and body just physically zoned out. It's a nasty, disorienting feeling and I'm glad it only happened once. (Which is one more time than I wanted it to happen, believe me.)

I have two doctors' appointments this week -- the hematologist and my primary care doctor. So, barring any of the "go to the ER" symptoms that my primary care doc listed for me in December, I don't have to do anything strenuous between now and those appointments. Which is good, because I'm absolutely drained.

I'll have to give Joe M and John a call later today, to see how the're holding up. After all, they still had stuff to do after we unpacked the truck and the car... they had to actually put away the things we unpacked. After unpacking, we could just go home and collapse.

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