Sunday, February 21, 2010

For CRYING OUT LOUD. What raving lunatic designed the freaking traffic patterns around the freaking Deptford Mall? Going from 1750 Clements Bridge Road (the Adelphia Restaurant) to 1800 Clements Bridge Road (Joann Fabrics) is less than a half-mile. A person could WALK it in a matter of minutes. It should be simple to drive from one to the other, right?

WRONG, because it's a farging divided highway and there is no place to make a legal farging left turn. You have to drive on Clements Bridge Road for a while in the opposite direction from your destination, make a U-turn, then drive *past* the strip mall where Joann Fabrics is located, make another U-turn, and THEN you can finally turn into the strip mall parking lot. What the flying bleep? Was someone frightened by a left turn as a small child? Why is there no safe, convenient way to go that short distance by car?

We got the scenic tour of Deptford after overshooting the place where we should have made the second U-turn. Large amounts of backtracking later, we finally got to our destination. Far less time and gas would have been wasted if there had been even ONE place to make a legal left turn. Good freaking grief.

Every time I encounter traffic-patterns-from-Hell, I bless William Penn and his grid pattern design for streets. The rest of the world should only have followed his example.

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