Saturday, February 20, 2010

The hat that matches the purple scarf is in the process of being created. I never knitted a round item before... working with five double-pointed knitting needles (they all have a point on each end instead of just the one end) presents a unique set of challenges, and has occasionally spawned the use of the same Italian vocabulary that I normally employ while driving. ;-) It's been an interesting project so far.

I've been enjoying watching the Olympics for the past week. This is the first Winter Olympics since I was injured in 1994 that I've been able to watch competitions that took place during the day. So I've seen a LOT of men's and women's hockey and curling, along with some of the other events that are being covered during primetime. I still wish hockey had remained an amateur-only competition, instead of putting the NHL on hold for two weeks. I would rather see teams that have played together over the long haul than all-star compilations that weren't even able to be assembled in Vancouver until the second or third day of the Olympics because NHL games were still going on.

But, having said that, GO USA. I hope OUR all-star compilation of pro players beats out all the other all-star compilations of pros.

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