Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yi, what a morning. This afternoon, some campers, including Alvah, are going bowling. Since my team interpreter was slated to go with Alvah, giving me the afternoon off, I expected him to take some time off at another point. What I didn't realize was that he would not only take this morning off, but would leave the campgrounds into the bargain. As fate would have it, there were no "floating" interpreters available at any of the things Alvah and I did this morning, so I basically went from breakfast through lunch without any downtime. As the end of lunch approached, I started getting concerned at my team interpreter's continued absence, so I asked one of the camp coordinators if he was OK and if she had heard from him. She hadn't. But on hearing how my day had gone so far, she called on an interpreter who had nothing scheduled for the afternoon, and told him that if our regular SSP didn't show up to accompany Alvah on the bowling trip, then she would like him to go with Alvah instead.

And that is how it panned out. Alvah and the substitute 'terp went bowling. I am going to lie down and die for a while. 4.5 hours with no break is wearing.

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