Sunday, June 07, 2009

Sunday at camp

It turns out that I am working with Alvah this week. NICE. He is about the most easy-going person imaginable.

He turned in a little while ago. SSPs go off duty at 10 PM, so it won't be long till I do the same.

We arrived just in time to get Alvah a motorcycle ride. Joe wanted to ride, also, but he only brought shorts and the rule is long pants are required. Drat. :(.

We were informed, at a meeting after dinner, that we can take as many photos as we like, but not to post them online. They don't want to have everyone sign a release form permitting photos of themselves to be posted online, so they asked us to just not post the images we take. Oops. NOW they tell me. So I will have to only post pics that don't include people (or identifiable people) this week.

I got a good look at the schedule. We have our day trip to Washington DC this year. We also have bowling again, as we did last year. I look forward to those events. :)

And now, good night!

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