Monday, June 08, 2009

Today, Alvah did some arts and crafts. This morning, the available projects were making masks and working with clay, and he did both. I posted some pics of the mask, but I haven't posted the pics I took of the clay yet. I am trying to let my poor exhausted cell phone recharge its battery -- it was down to about 10% by the time I got back to the room -- so I can post those tomorrow. Maybe I will have some time during the ride to or from Washington, DC, which is where our field trip will be.

One of the things that campers can sign up for during camp is massages. (And facials, manicures, and haircuts. Alvah registered for one, so we headed over to the building where the massages were: the Nature Center. One of the amazing things they have on display there is a working beehive. The bees enter and exit via a PVC pipe that leads to the outside, and IN the building is the hive itself where the bees are busy making honey and more bees. There is a cover which, when it's removed, allows people to view the bees in action through a pane of plexiglass. As much as I head the other way when I see bees out in the wild, looking at them in a controlled environment was pretty darn cool. It's totally fascinating to see them all on duty at their various tasks.

On the way back, we passed the pair of tandem bikes that people had been using earlier in the day. Doug, the SSP I am teamed with, went with Alvah for a brief ride. I sure am glad that he was strong enough to do that, because I don't think it would have been possible for me to safely navigate that bike with another person aboard.

After dinner, the Lion's Club arranged for us to have hay rides and a camp fire where we made S'mores and popcorn. We had a few people who, while roasting their marshmallows, either by accident or design wound up setting said marshmallows alight. Let's just say that it's interesting to witness a Statue of Liberty impersonation where the torch is comprised of a flaming marshmallow. :)

OK, it's now time for me to keel over and go to sleep. Later, all!

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