Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I posted a bunch of cell phone photos from today. There was an assistive tech display here this morning. This time, unlike last year, I made certain to grab copies of informational pamphlets so Alvah's stepfather could review them. He was interested in finding out what, if any, of the devices Alvah might be able to use. Goodness knows he used, and used well, most of the same devices at last year's tech demo at camp. So Alvah now has all the printed info I was able to get my hands on. :)

BTW, this time, I let Doug see Alvah working with the equipment on display. He seemed so interested in the various devices, and was fascinated by watching Alvah try them out, that I didn't want to interfere. I love witnessing the, "Oh, WOW!" moment when people realize just what the equipment can do, or more accurately what the user will become able to do by using the assistive tech. :)

Speaking of the tech demo, there was one camper who came just to today's session, specifically so he could visit the tech display. Imagine my amazement when I saw him and realized that it was Andy S., one of the first deaf-blind people I ever met. And I do mean "one of the first", as he was there on the first day I ever attended a deaf-blind group event in (are you sitting down?) 1988. He was happy to see me, asked about our mutual acquaintances, and was delighted to find out that three of them (Alvah, Melinda, and Joe) are at camp, too. So he was able to chat with all four of us. :) We made sure to all exchange email addresses, so we will not be losing contact again, I hope.

This year's camp theme is "African Safari". As such, we had the tactile tour of the Museum of African Art yesterday, we had a deaf man from Cameroon give us a talk tonight after dinner, and we had a lady who is an African storyteller come and give a performance tonight. After that, we continued with a social and had a group game. The game we played tonight was Pin the Tail on the Elephant. I darn near fell on the floor laughing when they carried out a huge plywood model of a, err, pachyderm posterior, sans tail. They did bring out the elephant head soon afterward, and attached it. But seeing someone walk carrying what was undoubtedly an elephant's tush into the room was a humorous sight.

Uh-oh, it's midnight. I had better turn in before my brain turns into a pumpkin tomorrow. Good night!

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