Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Rolling On The Freaking Floor Laughing My Freaking Arse Off !!!!!!

Just heard some parody lyrics on Channel 12 (PBS, during telethon). I am DYING laughing. Thanks to the Internet, here they are:

Topic: Ode to Blue Cross

Sung to the tune of: "Blue Skies"

Blue Cross
Had me agree
To a new Blue Cross

Blue Cross
Said I would be
Happy that Blue Cross
Covered me!

Then I took a fall,
Leg in a splint;
They said that I
Should read the fine print!

When a very high
Fever I ran,
They told me I
Took out the wrong plan!

That's Blue Cross!
There seems to be
Plenty for Blue Cross!
None for me!

Anyone who knew me in 1994, when I injured my knee the first time, will appreciate why I'm so highly amused. I could have written a song like this, and I might have if I hadn't been so darn busy taking TUMS from the aggravation of all the paperwork problems I went through.

I picked the lyrics up from this site: Ode To Blue Cross

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