Friday, January 16, 2009

I am going to be "Doing the Wheeler" tonight at the Phantoms game, if I need to celebrate good things happening.

Non-Philly residents, watch this video to see what "Doing the Wheeler" means:

The difference is that, while Chris Wheeler couldn't make any noise while celebrating, because he'd interrupt Harry Kalas's call of the World Series win, I need to avoid noise because my voice is completely shot by a case of Laryngitis-from-H3ll. I actually got hung up on by a telemarketer who couldn't make heads or tails of what I was saying. God knows if she thought I was playing pranks on her, with the vocal noises I was making sounding like a cross between Minnie Mouse and a goose. I can barely get normal speaking-volume words out, so I'm not willing to try hollering and making my vocal cords any worse than they are.

Good thing I can sign. Too bad 99% of the people I see on a regular basis don't sign. I need to start teaching more hearing friends to sign, or start hanging out more with the friends who are deaf, deaf-blind, and/or interpreters. ;)

Update: I just activated the Extended Absence greeting on my cell phone. "This is Donna. I lost my voice. Please leave a message or send a text message. Thanks."

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