Friday, January 16, 2009

Sorry, we are having severe technical difficulties with the audio today. Laryngitis has set in BIG TIME. So much so, that when an unknown caller rang the landline, I let it go to voice mail rather than strain my vocal cords by answering the phone.

But rest assured, we are fighting back. I had a full can of chicken noodle soup, plus two cups of catnip tea, plus melatonin prior to bedtime. The soup and tea were for the cold. Catnip also helps with sleep, so it serves that purpose as well, along with the melatonin.

Tonight I am hoping for more sleep, and fewer cold-related interruptions thereof, than I got last night.

If I seem to be going on a lot about the cold and about insomnia, sorry -- but I'm tired of being wide awake at the hours when everyone else is asleep, and vice versa. Last night, I finally fell asleep during the night for the first time in a few days, only to be repeatedly awakened by cold symptoms. :headdesk:

So, since I'm kind of enamored of things like talking to other people and doing things outside the house, it sort of behooves me to get myself back on a sleep/wake schedule that correlates a bit more closely to that of most other people in this time zone.


Chicken Soup: check.
Catnip Tea: check.
Melatonin: check.
Thermostat set to comfortable temperature (I can't sleep when I'm overheated): check.

OK, that's about it. Good night!

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