Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I just saw a product review on that began with these words: "I own this item but have not used it yet. But I think..."

I thought, "OK, hold it. Stop right there. You haven't USED the device yet, but you're reviewing it? Aren't we being just a BIT premature here? Shouldn't you, well, USE the item in question prior to offering an opinion of it?"

The user's review did contain an addendum that begain with "UPDATE:..." followed by favorable comments on said device once they'd actually made use of the item. But in my humble opinion, they might as well have just waited until after they had some firsthand experience with the device they were reviewing before they posted anything at all.

P.S. Yes, it's 3:30 AM. No, I can't sleep. Stupid chronic cough. I just took the next dose of medicine -- the one that I'd hoped I would be replacing with something silly, like sleep -- in the hopes that the cough will quiet down and I can actually get some shuteye between now and the time Mark leaves for work. Or between now and the time the sunbeams start coming in the front windows instead of the back ones.

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