Tuesday, January 27, 2009

In what feels like the two zillionth day of this &%*# headcold, I finally caught up with Joe M. First he was out of town for a few days, and then I was sick, so we were in touch via phone and text message for the better part of two weeks. (Texts, especially, since my voice was even worse last week than it is now, and it's not so great right now.)

We had lunch, we caught up on recent goings-on, and we hit a bookstore in Center City, which we haven't done for a while. That was nice.

The only minor drawback was that I'd hoped to make a trip to My New Gym after parting company with him, but by then, I'd been on my feet waaaay too long and my knee was throbbing. I think the impending snowstorm is part of the problem here, too. Stupid arthritis. Tomorrow I'm getting on that treadmill if I have to CRAWL to the freaking gym. At least if my knee's killing me at this time tomorrow, it'll be because I walked on the treadmill and did the exercise bike. Though I presume that waking several blocks through Center City and South Philly does count as walking, the drawback is that I didn't do it all at once like I would on the treadmill.

Heck, I was surprised to learn that this place is open 24 hours during the week. Maybe the next time I'm up with insomnia, I have an unexpected solution available for that. ;)

Mark has jury duty tomorrow. He just double-checked that number that they send on the summons; you're supposed to call the night before, enter an ID number, and they tell you if you have to report or not. (You may recall some posts I had last April and August, when it was my turn to get a summons to go.) He checked, and he does have to report. Hey, could be worse. Maybe he'll get done early and be able to come home early for once. The way his work trickles in at various points during the month, sometimes he gets a whole ton of stuff to do at once, and winds up working goofy hours to compensate. He's been doing the "go in early -- come home late" thing the past few days, so tomorrow might turn out to be an easy day by comparison.

Other than that, not a lot's going on. And there are times when that's a good thing. Like now, when my energy levels are still getting back to normal because of this infernal headcold that doesn't want to go the heck away. The sooner this whole collection of symptoms becomes a thing of the past, the better. Pass the Vitamin C. ;)

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