Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oh, boy. Did I ever misjudge the need to use my voice yesterday. And am I ever paying for it today!

We had a little get-together yesterday to watch the inauguration events, and help interpret/describe all the proceedings to a deaf-blind friend who's extremely interested in politics. I figured that signing all day would give my voice a break.

Whoops... I forgot that in mixed company (deaf and hearing) I both sign AND use voice, particularly in a group where not everyone knows how to sign.

Long story less long -- the laryngitis is worse this morning. A lot worse. It's my own fault for doing the vocal equivalent of walking all day on a sprained ankle.

Today is "consume lots of fluids and ice" day. That should help. So will minimizing voice use to "absolutely necessary" status.

The cats were kind of looking at me curiously, as they're used to being talked to when they get their dose of skritches and pats on the head, and silent petting/skritches is something that's outside their experience. Fortunately, making "purr" noises at them seems to be enough. As long as they're sure they're getting doted on, they're happy. What a pair of spoiled critters. :)

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