Tuesday, October 16, 2007

LOL. Last night, we had our monthly Phan Club meeting. In honor of the event, I wore a "Free Downie!" T-Shirt, the likes of which Flyers/Phantoms fans have been sporting to protest an excessively long suspension (in our opinion) of one of our rookies.

Wouldn't you know it? We had a guest speaker from the Phantoms front office last night. Now our Director of Sales knows that the Phan Club's secretary is a radical. :o)

But if you think that's the most protesting I do, wait until the Flyers home game tonight. We're allowed to send text messages that show up on the Arenavision before the game and during intermissions, and they scroll across the bottom like the news crawl on CNN. I rounded up some people from flyersphans.com, and we were texting "Free Downie!" to Arenavision during the preseason, but apparently the powers-that-be started filtering those messages out once the regular season started.

So tonight, I'll be posting "Free Steve Downie!" in Pig Latin, and see if THAT gets through the filter. I'll just need to line up someone who's actualy AT the game to let me know if the message gets through to the scoreboard or not.

The truth shall not be denied! The NHL front office is populated by pinheads! Eefray Evestay Ownieday!

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