Monday, May 07, 2012

No wonder I need prescriptions

No wonder I need prescriptions! It's the STRESS of dealing with my doctor's office!

I will be the first one to admit that I procrastinated in getting bloodwork and having an office visit. Which is probably why when I asked for prescription refills, one of them came through with only 15 pills instead of the normal 30: so I'd call.

Which I did. And wound up setting up appointments for bloodwork (this week) and the office visit (in two weeks). In return, I expected the next prescription that had the OTHER 15 pills.

Noooo, that's too EASY. They never called in the next 15-day script.

So today, here I sit with two pills left, I called them this afternoon. No, the doctor hadn't called it in because he wanted to see me. I told them my appointment is in two weeks, and if I DON'T get my meds for two weeks, at least one of my test results is going to be so far off the charts, in the wrong direction, that it's going to be flat-out useless to determine whether the dosage I'm currently on is appropriate or not.

I repeat, I take responsibility for procrastinating setting up the visit at all, BUT I HAVE AN APPOINTMENT NOW. And I am going to need my refill if I expect to get anything other than terrible numbers when I finally do see the doc for the office visit. At least give me enough meds to last until the day of the appointment!

She said she'd talk to the doctor. Hours go by, I get no call, at 6 PM I call back. And get put on hold for ten minutes. Hang up, call again. 12 minutes on hold this time. Hang up, call AGAIN. Finally I get a human being. No, the doctor hasn't sent a refill yet. Call back before 7 PM when the phones go on the answering service.

I called at 6:55, only to find that they were ALREADY on the bleeping answering service.

I HATE!!!! dealing with this red tape. No freaking wonder I need prescriptions.

Evidently, they did call the pharmacy. Know how I know? Because the pharmacy called ME. To say they'd sent a refill for the WRONG version of the med I was looking for. That medication has two versions: one is extended release, one is not. Whichever one I DON'T use is the one they called in a script for. So now the pharmacy is going to call the doc in the morning and straighten it out.

Gesù, Maria e Giuseppe! I'm gonna hurt someone! If this keeps up, I'm gonna need a new script. For concussion pills. From banging my head on the desk out of frustration.


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