Saturday, May 12, 2012

I knew the tech wouldn't be able to fix the problem

Sigh. I do realize that this issue can be filed under "First World Problems", but even so, it's annoying!

We have cable TV and two boxes -- one in the bedroom, one in the living room. Our cable company also has an app that allows us to control said cable boxes, including changing the channel. For MONTHS -- since at least last year, in fact -- I have been using said app, or the cable company's website, to change the channel on the living room TV at will.

On Thursday night, Mark saw me do it. He wanted to do the same thing. So I went online and created a secondary account for him.

My ability to control the living room TV via the internet promptly disappeared. The upstairs TV worked fine, but nothing happened with the living room TV.

I called the cable company's tech support on Friday, when the issue persisted. The woman had absolutely no idea what I was talking about. Multiple explanations later, she did help me delete the secondary account (which can't be done by the customer), but the existing problem was not resolved. She INSISTED that I needed a tech to come to the house. I told her the problem started when I created a secondary account, and I doubted it was a hardware issue. She wouldn't budge. I thought, "Fine", and made the appointment for 7 AM this morning.

Mark thought that if it was the cable box that was the problem, why not swap it out. In fact, he decided to swap out BOTH cable boxes for DVRs, and did so via making an in-person visit to the local cable office.

He came back with the two DVRs, and plugged them in. Now, only DVR 1 (the bedroom box) even shows up on the internet. The downstairs box should be DVR 2, but it's not even on the list.

The TV service works fine. It's just that the box doesn't appear on the list when I look online.

The tech came at the crack of dawn this morning. He looked at us like we were from MARS when we described the issue. Long story short, he can't help us because the TV service is actually working, and there's nothing he can do to fix the internet side of the equation. He advised giving the system 72 hours to recognize the new DVR, and if the problem persists, then call tech support back and have them escalate the call.

They should have escalated my freaking call YESTERDAY. I told that lady on the phone that we didn't need a repair person coming to the house. Repeatedly. Now I'm not only up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday, I'm ticked off into the bargain because we accomplished nothing (short of knowing not to bother sending any more techs to the house). GRRRR. Let me go get some coffee or something. I feel like a zombie.

And yes, I know. First World Problems. I just wish the freaking First World Problems wouldn't include having to be up before 7 AM on a Saturday morning.

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