Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Heading into some challenges

It has been a trying couple of weeks. I can't go into specifics, partly because I'm not in agreement with posting other people's personal business on the internet, and partly because I don't know who in my family knows how much. So let's just say that a relative of mine has recently had some bad results from a medical test. It's a serious situation, and I don't foresee matters getting any easier than they are now. So we're all trying to deal with the emotional impact of getting this kind of news -- not just the relative, but the rest of us, too. I tried to warn my parents this afternoon that we are ALL going to go through the emotional storm, so be prepared for things like anger and depression to rear their ugly heads. (The five stages of grief, and in this case the "grief" starts with grieving the fact that our loved one is facing serious medical issues, are Denial, Bargaining, Anger, Depression, and Acceptance. So we're ALL going to be going through this process, like it or not, and it's best to be prepared for the experience.)

The relative seems to be on an even keel, at least on the outside. It's a good thing that we have a lot of faith, in our family, because I'm sure that's going to be a source of some comfort to pretty much everyone. But unfortunately, faith doesn't prevent us from having to walk down a hard road.. And the hard road is coming. :-(

The first appointment with a specialist is tomorrow morning. I hope he's not too overwhelmed when Cox's Army shows up, as there will be five of us showing up for the appointment. Well, at least he'll know that the entire immediate family is going to be involved in a hands-on fashion, whatever happens.

I talked with my friend JFM about making the St. Rita of Cascia novena this month. Her feast day is the same day as Mark's and my anniversary, she's the patron saint (along with St. Jude) of impossible cases, and the relative who is in need of prayer has attended this same novena in years past. I'm not so sure that the relative's health will permit making a trip to Philly THIS year for the feast day, but who knows? I also want to invite my parents to come to the novena. just left them a phone message a little while ago.

Anyway, any prayers and positive thoughts being sent my family's way will be appreciated. We're going into a time frame where we're going to need as much fortitude as we can muster.

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