Wednesday, May 16, 2012

HOORAY -- the cable situation is resolved!

As of last night, the situation with our cable is finally resolved. I'm not sure what exactly caused the glitch, but it's gone now and that's what really matters.

So I'm back to changing the channel via my computer. I also showed Mark how to do this, so he can do the same with HIS computer.

Yay, online access!

In other news, we had a scare this afternoon, with my relative (whom I posted about earlier, as having failed a significant medical test) started having abdominal pain. Of course, everyone's first thought was, "Oh, no, the disease is starting to cause trouble", but it turned out to be just some digestive issues. Thank you, God. It would be cruel if the legit Quality Time afforded to us was measurable in mere weeks. I don't know how long we have left, as far as quality time goes, but I certainly hope my relative gets to go HOME and spend some quality time THERE with family and friends! Keep the prayers coming. We could all use them.

In other news, I backed out of a Facebook discussion yesterday. It's the first time I intentionally unfollowed a discussion thread. But it went from a discussion of an ugly news story (where villagers in India ritually sacrificed a 7-year-old girl to make their crops grow) to an all-out religion-bashing discussion. No, religion and ignorance are NOT interchangeable terms. And for the record, if you hate on religion in general, I'm not going to stand here and debate its merits with you -- but just as I don't run around screaming ALL UNBELIEVERS ARE GOING TO HELL (which I don't believe, anyway), I don't appreciate anyone running around screaming ALL BELIEVERS ARE IGNORANT. I expect my beliefs to be treated with respect, the same as I try to treat other people's beliefs with respect. And if I can see a discussion is going in some other, more disagreeable, less respectful direction, feel free to hold the conversation without my input, 'cause I'm outta there. I just don't need the headaches.

Personally, I think that the individual who was steering the convo in that general direction has got anger against religion that has nothing to do with me, and I don't hold that against them. But that doesn't mean I want to discuss the matter with someone who strikes me as being hell-bent on venting anger at anyone who stands on the opposite side of the religious-beliefs line. Here's where I stand: go ahead and like, dislike, or believe whatever you wish -- just don't take anger out on ME that I haven't incurred by virtue of my own behavior.

And if you've been hurt by anyone who proclaims they're faithful with their words, but behaves like anything BUT a faithful person with their actions, not only do you have the right to be angry, but I'll be angry right along with you when I find out about it. Rest assured that I have no time for spite and injustice, from any source -- not even if the source is claiming that they're acting on God's behalf. *MY* God doesn't do spite and injustice. Period.

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