Friday, May 18, 2012

Deaf-Blind Camp

I was having some reservations about going to MD this year for deaf-blind camp. Given the nature of our family situation, with one relative whose health situation is in doubt, I didn't want to be in MD and suddenly have to rush home for a family emergency (particularly not if anyone else was relying on my car to bring them back to PA, which has happened in the past).

But then I got word yesterday that the camp is so full, they can't afford to bring in any more volunteers, and there is a waiting list for SSPs (Support Service Providers, or interpreter/guides). So that situation has kind of made my decision for me. It's just as well. I really don't want to be far from home while my relative's condition is up in the air. The doctors didn't tell us how long they think it will be until the currently stable health situation shows signs of faltering, though I'm sure they have an idea of how the disease is going to progress. I think that was a wise move on the doctors' part, though -- it means we're not all running around feeling like there is a giant stopwatch hanging over our heads, ticking away the "good days" until the bad days arrive.

But anyway... back to deaf-blind camp. I met this lady at camp a few years ago. She has an amazing story. She also keeps a blog, which I recommend checking out.

Kent Mom, Son Need Sponsors For Deaf-Blind Walk-a-Thon

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