Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Silly Pup!

I discovered today that I need to find a new way to give treats to the cats. Or else I have to use a word that the cats will learn to recognize, but that the dog doesn't know.

See, the cats have one mealtime, in the morning, but Mini has two meals, morning and evening. From the time I got Mini, to keep the cats from responding badly when the dog gets fed and the cats don't, I'd feed her and then give the kitties a few treats while she ate.

It all went well, until today, but I made the error of using the same word, "Treats!", to announce snacks for both the dog AND the cats.

So today, as usual I fed the dog. But NOT as usual, when I called the cats with "Treats!", Mini abandoned the bowl of dog food and kept popping up like a little canine Jack-in-the-box to try and snarf the treats I was giving the cats.

The end result: two cats retiring to the living room, away from the bouncing dog, and one laughing human. I didn't give her the cats' treats, since I didn't want to reward this new behavior, but I sure did LOL. Silly pup.

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