Tuesday, June 08, 2010


The other day, when I was walking Mini along the border of the old Naval Hospital, I heard a birdcall of a bluejay, a species I hadn't previously seen along that walking path. I turned to look.

Nope, no dice. It was a mockingbird. Well, now I have proof positive that they imitate other birds' calls. ;-) I also have secondary proof that bluejays are in the general vicinity, because in order to mimic the call, it must have heard the call somewhere previously.

And while we're on the topic of birds, I have suspected for a while now that there is an active robin's nest in our tree. The good news is, now I can prove it. The bad news is, that's because there is a tiny hatchling's body on the ground. Pity. :-( I hope they had other eggs that hatched safely in the same clutch.

Happier news about tiny birds: I posted the link to a webcam showing a hummingbird's nest a few weeks ago. There were two viable eggs in that clutch, and while one appears to have been lost when a crow attacked the nest, the other chick was found unharmed on the ground and replaced by the person whose yard the nest is in. That second chick fledged a few days ago. I love a happy ending.

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