Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Aack! Eek! Watermonsters!

Most of the time, the cats and the dog don't interact beyond the occasional glance at one another. In the cats' cases, sometimes said glance is filled with puzzlement, as if they're still trying to decipher what planet Mini came from. (Which is one reason why I laugh into my hand a lot these days. ;-) ) They just have no way to read this tiny little creature whose scent and body language differ so widely from their own.

But one time that the cats willingly approach the dog is immediately after we've returned from a walk. Captain and Stanley have zero interest in experiencing The Out firsthand, thank goodness, but they can't contain their curiosity when Mini enters the house bearing the various scents of the neighborhood. So when Mini and I come in the door, usually one or both cats is on hand to give Mini a sniff.

Today was the first time since Mini joined our family in April that I had to take Mini out for a walk/bathroom break while it was full-on raining. I took an umbrella out with us, but there was just no way to keep the dog and me entirely dry while Mini took care of necessities and I picked up what needed removal.

When we went back into the house, Captain was right there for his customary sniff of the dog. But he wasn't prepared for the surprise she gave him. She shook herself vigorously, sending droplets of moisture in every direction. Captain was no more than an inch away from her, so he bore the full brunt of the flying spray of rainwater.

Poor kitty. He was SHOCKED and APPALLED, to say the least. He backed up several steps, in pure horror, before running away. Between his fuzzy ears, he must have been thinking, "Aack! Eek! WATERMONSTERS! There's WATER coming off that bewildering little Martian creature! It's a trap! It's an outrage! I didn't know she had the Power of Watermonsters!"

I really felt bad for Captain. Honest. Which is why I hope he was too busy evading the dog's aura of water to notice that I was laughing into my hand again. ;-)

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