Friday, June 25, 2010

Penrose Diner

Well, CRUD. The megastorm appears to have cost South Philly a landmark. It appears that the top of the Penrose Restaurant sign, the part that showed a chef with the word "Penrose", has had to be removed. Now the top of what's left of the sign says "Restaurant".

CRUD, for multiple reasons. First of all, the sign has been a landmark for eons.

Second of all, I thought the sign looked somewhat twisted following the storm, which is one reason why I wondered aloud and in print about the possibility that we had a tornado, not straight-line winds. I specifically wanted to get a good look at the sign in tomorrow's daylight. Instead, tonight I saw the same cherrypicker that was in my picture of the sign earlier tonight, hauling what appeared to be the top of the sign toward the dumpster beside the restaurant.

But it was a hard to really see what was going on at the distance from which I was observing, and no way was I going to walk all the way over there at this ridiculous hour of the AM just to get a better look. I'll have to investigate in the morning, camera in hand. If the removed section of the sign is still there, I'll be taking some photos.

It would be nice if the removed part of the sign would somehow be salvageable enough to repair and replace. Sadly, I have my doubts on that score.

Crud. Freaking storm.

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