Thursday, October 22, 2009

I can't recall if I mentioned that at my recent doctor's appointment, I had a couple of tweaks made to my prescriptions. One of the new meds lists "drowsiness" as a possible side effect.

Boy, they weren't kidding! Geesh. I'm sleeping 12 hours at a shot with this stuff, plus or minus a brief wakeup here and there in the midst of all that. I usually end the sleep pattern when I decide, "Good grief, look at the clock! I have to get up!" and then I do just that.

But I haven't even had the med a week yet, so I'll wait a bit more to let myself get acclimated to taking it. If the drowsiness doesn't die down, back to the doc I go. Alleviating symptoms by hibernating through them wasn't the sort of relief I had in mind. ;)

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