Thursday, October 08, 2009

LOL, I'm Keeping This


A few times a year, I do a Google search on my own name. Every now and then, a piece of info like an address or phone number will show up online. Goodness knows where they get it, as I make a point of NEVER posting either of those details online, ever. But if they do show up, I either remove them myself or inform the site in question that I want them removed. Problem solved, at least for a while.

I just did another "Let's make sure nothing unwanted is showing up online" search.

To my surprise, there's an online phone directory which has an address and phone number listed for me, as well as an employer. I have never provided any such information to any online directory, as I prefer my info to remain unlisted. However, the info on the site isn't really mine anyway. The address that they have listed is that of my favorite, but soon-to-be-demised arena. The phone number is the former Philly number of my favorite, recently-departed AHL team. And the directory site also thinks that I am an employee of said AHL team.

What the...?

And then I realized that somehow, some data mining program must have connected my name to my duties on the board of the team's BOOSTER CLUB, and extrapolated somehow so that the team's contact information ended up in my directory entry. Because I've certainly never provided team-related information and claimed it to be my own in any way.

Anyway, I'm laughing my head off about the "information" on that site. I think I'll leave it alone. The team in question is no longer in this city, the phone number for its former office is most likely gone, and it's only a matter of time until the building at the address itself is no more. So in the highly unlikely event that someone actually would look my name up, even if they call or write to that address, they won't disrupt anyone's workday. There's no one at that address/phone number to be disrupted.

And anyone who REALLY wants to get hold of me online should have no difficulty doing so. This blog page offers some workable options for anyone who actually is interested in saying hello.

LOLOL! Seeing my name connected to that address is the best laugh I've had in a while.

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