Thursday, August 06, 2009

Oh, these felines and this cat food!

I need to find out from the vet just which canned cat food they were eating while they were there. They're giving me grief trying to get them to eat canned food here.

They keep wanting to eat the Oral Care kibble that they can't chew anymore because they haven't got enough teeth matched up on the top and bottom of their jaws. I drop a few kibbles in onto the canned food, and they swallow the darn things whole, which makes me nervous because the kibble is so large. (It's large because it's MEANT to be chewed, so that it can clean the cats' teeth while they eat it.)

The vet said they liked canned food, but I'm astonished at my lack of luck in getting them to eat it here. Apparently when they're HOME they want the food they're familiar with.

Oy. We're having one of those "Cats, you're lucky you're cute!" moments over here.

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